The challenge

Localised marketing will energise your entire network and leverage the power of your brand. The benefits of Local Area Marketing (LAM) / Local Store Marketing (LSM) are well known, but the challenges of resources and brand compliance can seem massive. And for many, accountability and return-on-investment calculations across a network are simply a pipedream.

Finally, there's an answer...

MarketingExpress™ is a technology-based solution, which comprehensively answers the challenge of localised marketing by enabling you to communicate with your customers frequently and cost-effectively. It has been designed by experienced marketers, providing the functionality needed by both your local representatives and your business as a whole.

MarketingExpress™ empowers your local outlets and franchisees with the tools, resources and support they need to effectively grow their business. It gives your business control over your brand, and makes consistency across communication the simplest option.

MarketingExpress™ makes localised marketing a cost-effective solution. By automating both the creation of marketing communications and the business processes, you save time and money.

MarketingExpress™ gives your business real visibility into local marketing activities. Reporting and analytics are fully customised based on your business objectives, and can be integrated into existing business systems.

In summary, MarketingExpress™ is an automated, effective marketing system that allows your business to deliver a value-creating solution that has built-in accountability. Used by local outlets, it increases brand equity and contributes greatly to the success of your business.

System Modules