MediaExpress: Adsend publication database and media booking support

The MediaExpress module allows publication specifications and a media house to be integrated into the MediaExpress implementation. The module integrates seamlessly with the AdExpress workflow at the destination and size specification stage.

Adsend Publication Database Integration

MediaExpress integrates the publication specifications database from Adsend, the largest advertising delivery service in the world. This allows users to easily search and select the publication they require in their local area. The specifications database is updated directly by the publications, ensuring the details are always current.

Users simply select the publication and section for their advertisement, and the system will automatically build the artwork to the correct, finished size.

Media House Integration

The MediaExpress portal provides nominated Media House users with direct access to media bookings within MarketingExpress. E-mail notifications are sent when pricing requests are made and at various stages throughout the booking process. A straightforward approvals process allows the artwork creator to approve the media cost provided by the Media House. Once the booking is confirmed, the full quality artwork is electronically verified and despatched to the publication.