What our products do and how it benefits you

Local area marketing (LAM) is one of the most cost effective sales activities you can do, but is also one of the most frequently overlooked and under-valued. This is because, traditionally, the customisation of marketing material for each local area has been time consuming and labour intensive with graphic artists having to amend the same promotional material for each specific area. So LAM usually gets much less attention than the more lucrative (for media agencies) above-the-line advertising. But LAM has a much more effective response rate than those high cost national media campaigns because it is locally targeted, so more of the advertising seeds will fall on fertile ground.

Whether your operation is a network of stores, or individual franchisees or licensees, local area marketing capitalises on our natural affinity to support the local guy. MarketingExpress™, provides you with the tools to actually implement your campaign. Unlike some agencies that only provide you with documentation and plans, we provide your local representatives with an easy to use system that enables them to quickly and effectively run the campaign. It doesn’t take much of their time, they feel empowered, and empowerment fosters enthusiasm and motivation.

Local area marketing (a.k.a. Local store marketing or LSM) increases the localised activity with proven promotions that deliver results. Increased promotion drives brand equity through increased brand presence. Increased presence drives increased business. Increased business delivers increased growth and marketing contribution. Successful local areas deliver the growth to expand to more local areas. It creates a virtuous circle of growth.

Marketing Software Austraia’s product enables these outcomes in a simple online tool. Every campaign is 100% Brand Compliant because each piece of artwork is built on an approved template which can only be manipulated within specified parameters.

Save on production time and costs because producing advertising artwork is easier and quicker than the usual design, development, review and approval process which often goes through several iterations. Create a template once and use it again and again.

Create a piece of art in 6 clicks. Yes, it is that simple, fast and easy. This speed of a customised artwork allows marketers to take advantage of last minute media deals that have to be prepared in minutes.

The system has reminders and alerts which mean that promotions are more likely to happen. It also means that it is more likely to be completed and that realistic deadlines can be met. All this increases the likelihood of success.

How it works

MarketingExpress™ makes it easy for franchisees to engage successfully in their marketing.

They can use the system in four key ways:

  1. Go directly to a piece of artwork they want to use and create a local customised piece of artwork for their branch.
  2. Select a specific promotion that they want to run and the system guides them through the steps to complete the promotion successfully on the proven process.
  3. Run a campaign which is made up of a collection of complementary promotions that work together to deliver results.
  4. Plan the whole annual marketing campaign for the specific outlet based on the overarching national plan. The system alerts them of the different actions they need to take at the appropriate times in order to fulfil their plan.

The process of selecting a piece of artwork or action is intuitive and can produce locally customised and fully brand compliant artwork within minutes. The system guides them step by step in a workflow that suits the company.

When running a promotion that has been selected the branch enters the key information about the promotion (stakeholders such as printers and cooperative partners, media such as print or newspaper, details such as the date of delivery etc). The system then programs the alerts and follow-ups that have been designed into the promotions workflow based on previous experience. The system then emails the coordinator links that action the next step. If the action has not happened within a certain timeframe then it can be escalated to an area leader.

The campaign works in a similar way with multiple campaigns being processed simultaneously.

The annual marketing plan takes it to another level. It is a simple 5 step process:

  1. Analysis of the business
  2. Objective setting
  3. Promotion selection and plan
  4. Automation of the plan
  5. Evaluation of the plan

The analysis is based on some simple online questions that the branch answers to identify the core objectives they must meet in order to be successful.

In summary MarketingExpress™ is the automation of an effective marketing system that allows the central marketing function to deliver a professional solution that creates value and has built-in accountability. Used by your local representatives, it increases brand equity and improves the chances of success of the business.