Resize press ads to publications specs

Yes. Publisher’s specifications are integrated via Adsend, the largest publication database in the world.  Each template uses these specifications to automatically set the selected artwork to the exact requirements of the publication. The flexible artwork template then builds the finished artwork to the exact dimensions required for press advertising.

Print collateral – such as flyers, booklets and posters

Flexible artwork templates enable real-time creation and customisation of print-ready artwork.  Sizes can range from very small vouchers, through to multiple sheet outdoor billboards.  Formats including multiple panels, pages, duplex prints are all supported as required.  Print rates can be applied and controlled on a “per template” basis allowing costs to be accurately calculated with quantity choice.

Parts of templates may be locked (e.g. logos, placement of images etc.)

Templates can enable and restrict flexibility of all user-supplied content, from lists, single characters/words, lines of text, paragraphs, and more.  Parts can be locked and totally unchangeable. Sections of text, logos or images can also be controlled either with set pull down choices or through the interface. Content is automatically formatted with design and layout controlled by the template.  Images can be either pre-loaded into the digital asset library, or uploaded directly as required.  All conversion, cropping, colour mode changes, etc., are handled by the system automatically.

House a library of logos, guidelines and images

MarketingExpress includes easy-to-use Digital Asset Management (DAM) functions.  Files of almost any type (images, documents, multimedia, etc.) can be stored and categorised.  Assets can be used both within flexible artwork templates, or accessed directly by users for download.  Direct access can be restricted by classification or user privilege levels.

Bleed and trim forms part of all print artwork

MarketingExpress templates include full support for all “printer” boxes including: bleed, trim, crop, media and art boxes.

Images: Can users drag and drop images, resize and crop images?

Users can upload images directly from their local computer, or choose from pre-loaded libraries.  Easy-to-use cropping tools can be made available wherever necessary.  Addition design rules may be applied to images, to ensure proper placement even after cropping has been completed.  Placement and final sizing is controlled by template rules, ensuring brand consistency.

Output files: What formats are files output? e.g. print ready PDF, low res PDF, jpeg, digital files

The system automatically generates both print-ready and on-screen ‘preview’ PDF files.  JPG images of designs are also generated in real time.  Additional file formats may be added through further software development – we created MarketingExpress and can customise the software as required.

Template loading: In what format is do templates need to be supplied to be loaded?

Artwork is best provided in InDesign files but we can also use PDF format as well to generate the flexible artwork templates.  No special processing or mark-up is required, other than instructions regarding the flexibility of content.

Fonts: Can both standard and non-standard fonts be loaded into print files?

The system makes use of all common font formats currently in use.  To avoid issues with publishers, fonts are generally used in PC Postscript Type 1 format wherever available.  Any supplied fonts may be used, including corporate or custom variations.  Fonts used within artwork are automatically embedded in PDF files to the highest quality publication.

Text flow: In dynamic templates, will text flow according to amount of copy (font size, leading and tracking will remain the same or will it be adjusted to fit within the field)

Flexible artwork templates allow for a number of mathematical formulas to be applied.  Text can be set to reduce or enlarge as necessary, compress or expand, be repositioned or even to overflow into different areas based on the amount of copy. Typesetting formats like word spacing, character spacing, kerning, font size, leading, paragraph spacing, and others can be customised.  All of these options are built into the template, and applied automatically depending on the user content.

Error messages: Do error messages appear when character limits have been exceeded?

Error messages can be fully customised to advise users of any space or length issues.  Additional elements may be shown to indicate the maximum size of a text area, or other parts of a design may even be adjusted to allow for additional text if required.

Auto resizing: Can templates be loaded in one size and the system will be able to resize to other standard sizes? (e.g. A4 – A3 – A2 – A1)

Artwork can scale to various sizes as required.  Furthermore, specific elements may have different rules applied to them at different sizes, allowing for full control over the layout and design as the over document size changes.

Template build: How long does it take to create the average piece of collateral for the user?

Collateral can be created in as little as 90 seconds, depending on the content provided.  Artwork is generated in real-time, meaning changes are immediately visible as they are made.  Importantly, templates may also be edited over several sessions, allowing for long-format content to be created and adapted within the system.  Some templates may include more than 10,000 words of user content, and might be put together over several hours if necessary.

Draft: Can ‘draft’ watermarks be loaded prior to final sign off

“Draft” watermarking can be customised and automatically applied to preview artwork.  Full-quality artwork can be withheld from end-users, either until final approval is given, or entirely (only supplied to printers and publishers).  The availability of watermarked and final artwork can be customised, based on the business requirements.

Supplier link: Does the system link to printers (and other suppliers) with the ability to load rate cards

The system provides a “portal” for suppliers, which enables two-way communication.  Suppliers can be automatically provided with order details and artwork links upon approval via email.  Agreed print rates and SLAs can be loaded into the system, allowing users to simply choose the correct quantity & format, based on their budget.
E-commerce facilities allow the collection of fees via Credit Card. This can include system usage fees, printer/publisher fees, or other fees as required by the business.  Internal cost centre codes or other business identifiers may also be used in place of credit card payments if desired.

Is there the ability to have multiple users?

Individual log-ins can be assigned to users as desired.  Additional users may be added at any time, including by head-office or management staff.
Also users can be given varying access and rights based on the assigned user group levels given by the administrator.

Is there the ability to restrict access by brand/template?

System content can be restricted according to user groups.  Users can be assigned to one or more user groups, as desired.  New groups can be added as needed to provide finer control over user privileges or access levels.

Can a sign off step be loaded prior to final dispatch to user group?

Approvals processes are built-in to MarketingExpress and can be customised as required.  Multiple tier approval loops may be added if desired.  Approvals can be restricted to specific users or user groups, and can be nominated or automatically determined by the business rules.  E-mail notifications are sent upon submission.  Document lists are shown in a variety of formats, to allow easy monitoring of jobs by status, group, region, or other important factors.  Job lists and reminders are customised depending on the business requirements.

What training is provided for new users? e.g. – video, in person, webinar, manual

Training will be provided in a manner suited to the business.  We are happy to work with you to determine the most effective combination of video, written and in-person training.
The user interface is customised to provide a familiar, easy-to-use experience for users.  Training requirements are minimised wherever possible, by ensuring all functions are logical and straightforward and a great user experience.

How is technical support provided and during what are the hours?

Technical support is provided by phone (1300 local call number) and e-mail.  Online meetings/webinars can also be used where desired.
Support is automatically included for Extended business hours within Australia (e.g.: 9am – 5pm across all states or 7am – 7pm east coast times) and can be extended to cover weekends and additional hours by agreement.

Set designs with pre-approved text available (e.g. name/address, offer), and selection of images

MarketingExpress is based on flexible artwork templates, which include brand rules, design elements and pre-approved text.  Users can provide input and make decisions regarding content, while brand rules and design elements are automatically applied and enforced by the template.

Free text only as a ‘fill in the gaps’ – e.g. Winter special $<XX> per night

Editability of content can be tightly controlled, from a few characters, through to entire paragraphs if desired.  Other optional inputs include selection lists, logos/maps/photos from a library, or images uploaded directly.

Approval required by multiple stakeholders

MarketingExpress includes multiple-tier approval loops and can be configured to match the business requirements.  Tightly controlled options can reduce the approvals required.

Ability to load seasonal/campaign collateral – e.g. Christmas, Fathers Day etc.

Templates can be added (or removed) as required.  Once a template has been added to the system, it can be used to generate an unlimited number of artwork executions.

Some static versions will also be loaded

The included Digital Asset Management (DAM) system can store and track assets of all types, from static artwork to sales toolkits and many more.  Static artwork can also be used within other templates if required (e.g.: as an additional page within a booklet).

Integration with our printer

MarketingExpress can integrate with your printer.  We can optionally include their rate card (allowing users to select quantities and control costs) and even collect costs by credit card if required.  Printer(s) are notified of new orders and can access print-ready artwork directly.

Direct Mail and letterbox drops

MarketingExpress includes a customised, Direct Mail ordering system.  Users can easily control quantities and costs, by selecting the delivery points within their local area.  Live reporting allows head office to keep track of orders and place accurate distribution orders.  E-commerce is integrated to facilitate collection of costs if desired.