AdExpress: flexible artwork creation

The AdExpress workflow allows users to create and customise static artwork at a variety of sizes, for a variety of purposes. The artwork is generated in PDF format and is primarily used for print and press reproduction. The AdExpress process relies of artwork creation rules, in the form of MarketingExpress™ templates, and a variety of digital assets stored within the MarketingExpress implementation. AdExpress follows a logical, step-by-step progression, which can be enhanced greatly with the integration of the PrintExpress and MediaExpress modules. The basic AdExpress workflow includes:

1. Design and layout selection

Templates are categorised logically, in accordance with the Client’s business structure. Categorisation is hierarchical, with multiple levels of sub-categories available as required.

2. Destination and size specification.

The core AdExpress module allows for two distinct template design types, fixed and flexible size layouts. This step is greatly enhanced by the inclusion of the PrintExpress and MediaExpress modules.

Fixed sized layouts - commonly used for digital print reproduction.

  • User specifies the Printer’s name and e-mail address.
  • User specifies the required print quantity.
  • User optionally includes both quoted price and quote reference (for reporting purposes).
  • PrintExpress – Contract printer can be selected by name. Contact details are not required due to direct integration with the PrintExpress workflow.
  • PrintExpress – Contract print rates are automatically determined via the preloaded rate card. The user selects their required print quantity and are immediately shown the price and delivery details.

Flexible sized layouts – used for printed media and press destinations.

  • User specified the Publication’s name and section.
  • User specifies the exact size of the final document.
  • User optionally includes additional media information including price, booking and material deadlines.
  • MediaExpress – Publication is selected from an integrated publication specification database. WebSend, the largest worldwide advertising delivery network in the world, provides the publication database.
  • MediaExpress – Optionally, a list of “favourite” publications may be presented, as defined by the user’s login profile. The publication database may still be searched for additional destination options.
  • MediaExpress – Optimal size is automatically selected, based on the template and publication section selected. The size may be adjusted within the template-defined limits.

3. Artwork customisation

AdExpress automatically builds the artwork based on the design and layout selected, to the correct size and specifications of the intended destination. The layout continues to adjust dynamically as the user customises their artwork. The document may be altered in a number of ways, to suit the user’s needs. Control over which elements are editable and how they can be changed is determined by the rules built into the template.

Predetermined options

  • User may select from prewritten copy options.
  • User may choose the number of elements to be included in the document.
  • User may choose to include or exclude certain elements.
  • AssetExpress – user may select a digital asset from the library for inclusion. Additional information (metadata) associated with this asset may also be included when the asset is selected.

User profile details

  • Based on the user’s log in, details such as address, phone number, etc, can be automatically added to the artwork creation.
  • Custom fields, specifically related to the client’s business, may also be used within the artwork creation process.
  • User-based information can be editable or read-only, depending on the template rules.

User inputted information

  • User may input copy directly.
  • User may edit pre-populated copy where appropriate.
  • AssetExpress – user may upload their own imagery for inclusion in the document. Images are automatically converted to ensure compliance with the destination specifications.

Review and completion or submission for approval.

Customised artwork is immediately available for review in PDF format. The PDF is generated using low-resolution assets, to allow for faster downloading and to prevent unauthorised useage. A watermark may optionally be added to the review PDF to provide further control.

Depending on the Client’s business rules, the completed document is either submitted for approval, or finalised immediately. The ongoing status of the job is tracked in MarketingExpress system and is visible to the user via their personal document tracking page.

Client specific tracking information may also be collected at this stage.